Saturday 11 May

On Saturday 11May, the Spa-Francorchamps race track will take you from the track to the stage. On the programme, live hip hop artists and DJs will create an unforgettable experience.

To mark the first Spa World Rallycross of Benelux, the Spa- Francorchamps race track is holding an eclectic festival in a fun venue.

The aim: to bring together and welcome adrenaline addicts for a whole weekend of excitement and music. In a festive, friendly atmosphere, the Paddocks will be transformed into a real festival site.

On the programme, Belgian artists who need no introduction. Daddy K, Alex Germys, Coely, Isha... they made their names on the national scene and you can see them all on stage at the Jokerspeed Festival for an unforgettable night!

Read the complete programme and don’t forget to book your tickets.


Antwerp's queen of hip-hop, Coely effortlessly mixes irresistible soul and RnB with sharp, flaming raps, backed by a beautiful arsenal of impeccable world-class beats. Her last single, "Don’t Care" with a great contribution from fellow Dutch artiste Norris was hands-down Belgium’s hip-hop anthem of 2016. After her hit EP "Raah The Soulful Yeah" (2013, Beatville), which won her opening sets for Kendrick, Snoop, Nas and Kanye, Coely's new album (Universal Music) is still a notch above the rest.

Alex Germys

Young producer and DJ Alex Germys, has been composing since childhood and has already collaborated on many projects, notably with Raffaele Gesulfo and Khalil Abtal, as well as O.G. Da General and Belgian duo Lebinom. Mixing acoustic pop and electro, his musical imprint makes him a stand out. Shortly after his single "All Along” came out, Alex Germys released a series of hits, the most recent being “The Way You Move” (featuring Carla Katz and K1D) which has been all over the airwaves for several months now.

Daddy K

DJ Daddy K needs no introduction. A career spanning 30 years, multiple times dmc/itf/Vestax champion of Belgium and France, gold and platinum discs, he has mixed all over the world, in all the biggest clubs and festivals. He can also be heard on Radio Contact, where he has been producing and presenting the Hip Hop & RnB “Contact RnB” slots for 15 years, sharing his discoveries and favourite tracks.


With no sign of trying to bridge a gap, Isha manages to unite texts which speak to the heart with knockout punchlines. The rhymes are sometimes subtle, sometimes filthy, a bit crude, straight from the streets. Isha spits fire on his EP “La Vie Augmente”.

Slim Lessio

An artist at the crossroads of many influences, Slim Lessio has evolved in a universe which oscillates between the unbridled energy of Atlanta's young generation, the explosion of Caribbean dance and the simple spirit of his Belgian hometown, Spa.

Les Alchimistes

Les Alchimistes are a duo, featuring the respective personalities and influences of Ruskov and Rizno. The chemistry between them works brilliantly on atypical raps, diverse and varied musical influences, whose words range from the melancholy to the brutal, working in trap, rock and metal sounds.

Dragon Eliott

In 2010, Dragon Eliott created Folie Douce, a Franco-Belgian artistic collective and label, to which he signed more than 50 eclectic artistes. His work has been recognised by Vice, Rolling Stone, Fader & Complex... His profoundly hip-hop influenced sound sets have seen him distil and scatter his talents from Brooklyn to Tokyo but he feels at home here, and he can often be seen on the stages of Tomorrowland, Dour, Les Ardentes or even on the turntables behind young rapper Slim Lessio.